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Because good methods and professional knowledge-based management are not just needed in big companies

“SME Space” is the Activa Consultors & Partners service tailored specifically to small enterprises, start-ups, entrepreneurs, professionals and micro-enterprises.

If you are a SME, we offer you an approach tailored specifically to your reality and needs, in which strategy plays a very central role.
We want to be a part of your competitive advantage. We know how to do it.

We speak to you in your language, of your interests and objectives, and we adapt to your possibilities.

With service packs designed and adapted to your possibilities and needs.

We offer comprehensive support and design a road map with you to take your business model to another level.

It’s great for you…

We are a high-added-value investment, turning a fixed cost into a variable one, which gives you maximum flexibility, the best tax status and the right dimensioning to deal with adverse conditions.
Having an “external strategic and marketing department” at your service provides you with the most reliable solutions and practical applications, and the knowledge gained from many other previous cases, possibilities for innovation and the right analysis and development methodology to make the best decisions in each case and the appropriate corrections in time. It also enables you to devote more time and attention to management activities, avoiding an unproductive use of resources.
As an external partner, you receive an “independent view”, giving you the perspective needed to make objective, professional and efficient decisions, a greater guarantee of quality in management and attaining results, and rigorous knowledge-based support that analyses and compares the possible alternatives, scenarios and outcomes.
We offer upport and advice based on the experience and knowledge gained from the extensive academic training and specialization of our consultants and partners, alongside the experience and know-how developed within Activa Consultors over more than 10 years involved in the projects of clients, companies and professionals in a wide range of fields and sectors.