Welcome to Activa

-Some clients see us as a provider of comprehensive support, to design a road map that takes their business model and projects to another level.
-Others consider us a reliable marketing and communication service company with a broad spectrum, to develop or implement their action plans and specific material. From the most generic to the most subtle detail.

-Others see us as an external partner that will assess their decisions on the basis of the neutrality and independence of an external specialist.

Either way, for over 10 years we have been a company that lives for the success of our clients.
We live for you.

We want to be a part of your competitive advantage.
We know how to do it.

About Us

We implement intelligent business solutions for the success of our clients’ enterprises and work alongside them in strategic and marketing-related decision-making, management and control to attain their professional and corporate objectives.
The values that underpin our actions are a long-term strategic approach, trust, target-orientation, confidentiality, adaptability, innovation and a commitment to excellence in service.
Our clients, all of them, are what comes first.
We offer them the peace of mind of knowing that they are working with a team of certified experts in a wide range of fields (engineers, economists, lawyers, graphic designers, audiovisual producers, programmers…) to assess and develop their most complex decisions.
Permanently focused and committed to their interests and objectives.
We adapt to your needs

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