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If you wish, we can also develop every last detail of your marketing and communication actions with your environments, relationships and clients.

ActivaPro is our operational and production signature, following the principles and high standards of Activa Consultors & Partners.

A brand with a rigorous and yet innovative approach, using our know-how and the best combination of networked multidisciplinary teams and the latest technologies.

At Activa Consultors we adapt to our most demanding clients to provide a comprehensive solution to their needs, developing their project, through ActivaPro, with high-added-value products and services, at the most competitive price.

With ActivaPro, we accompany and assist our clients in every aspect of the implementation of a project to ensure that the objectives set in each phase of the process are met.

ActivaPro, offers the peace of mind of knowing that you have the support of a coordinated team of professionals with extensive experience in their fields, working for your interests and with the reliability, proximity and guarantee of Activa Consultors & Partners

Through ActivaPro we help you to improve your communication and image, as well as your relationships with your environment, market, internal teams, partners and shareholders.

We help you by developing all your graphic, audiovisual, digital, multimedia and public relations resources, among other aspects.
Because at Activa Consultors & Partners we understand communication as a 360º factor, with a clear message integrated into all the relationship channels.

It’s great for you…

You can plan the set of operations and implement them in each phase of the project, prioritizing actions, monitoring results and adapting to your interests.
Having a plan integrated into the strategy and implementation of production actions optimizes results and impact.
Working on the basis of trust enables you to tackle interesting challenges, knowing that the team is committed to doing a job well done. We will remain by your side, watching over your projects and interests.